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Shoulder Support

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Choose either the left or right shoulder

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The ThermoActive™ Shoulder Support is individually designed for left or right shoulder to maximize fit and effectiveness of shoulder therapy. The easy-to-apply body strap allows you to easily move and walk while wearing the support during treatment. The circumferential compression secures the gel pack to your entire shoulder area, which typically is very difficult to fit with just a wrap.

Additional Uses:  Prior to exercising do a 5-10 minute heat therapy treatment to help loosen up stiff shoulder areas.

Indications: Rotator cuff injury, bursitis, tendonitis, Post-surgery shoulder strains and swelling, post-exercise recovery, before and after throwing routines.

Item No.: 6042-LT: Left Shoulder (Includes: Wrap, Gel Pack, one pair of Extender Straps & Removable Hand Pump)

Item No.: 6047-RT: Right Shoulder (Includes: Wrap, Gel Pack, one pair of Extender Straps & Removable Hand Pump)

Fits circumference up to 50" around the chest including the outside of the arm as is or up to 60" with extender straps that are included 

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Additional Gel Pack - Item No.: 6032 GP

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Customer Reviews

Terri K.
I recently underwent rotator cuff surgery which was successful but has a long and painful recovery period...Not only did the Gel Pack stay cold longer than anything I tried, but the compression from the device was unbelievable...It was easy to use and was a huge factor in my recovery. My physical therapist was very impressed with the quality and engineering of the ThermoActive Shoulder Support and has recommended it to other patients!
Richard Q.
My physical therapist recommended that I use the ThermoActive Shoulder Support at home. I’m finding it very easy to use and the compression makes it much more effective than regular ice packs that I’ve used before. I’ve even purchased a few others for friends and co-workers who recently had injuries
Bart O

After many years of playing football and taking a beating my shoulders were killing me. The Thermoactive shoulder really helped my pain. Who ever created the left & right shoulder products is a genius! just try puting on any other product out there. The straps are in the wrong direction and pulling the device closed is difficult to say the least.
Thermoactive shoulders are so easy to use and put on. What a pleasure with great relief!!
Bart O

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